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The Complete Reprocessing Solutiuon

The SteriSimple System bundle is priced at $3799, which includes shipping, remote installation and configuration.

This includes installation of STERIREADER, STERIRECALL and STERISPORE or STERISPORE24 as many times as required in one office location.

Your subscription includes automatic software updates, as well as any support you may need.

The monthly subscription cost is $40.

Please ensure that your office IT pro has properly networked and configured each workstation that will operate the software.

We will coordinate with your IT pro, but for security reasons, we will not alter or reconfigure any network setting ourselves.

We will integrate STERIRECALL with your office management software at the time of installation, if it is compatible.

Peripherals required to operate the system are below, to customize your system.

Order TransLogger per sterilizer, for use with STERIREADER.  We will contact you to review which sterilizers you use in your office.

Consider one Zebra TLP 2824 Plus printer per reprocessing area.  This is used to produce autoclave tolerant labels for your sterilized items.  To avoid a significant mark-up, you can purchase this printer and supplies through this link.

Use one handsfree scanner if you have a central instrument storage area, or consider placing one scanner in each operatory.  We will configure the scanner before we ship it to you.

You will love the transformation in your reprocessing workflow using the SteriSimple System.

The complete reprocessing solution

Automated Spore Testing

Connect to the 3M Autoreader 390 or 490 for automated spore test recording and verification of 24min, 1h and/or 3h spores. Tracks PCD default position, quarantine time, and cycle type. There is also a version for spores with up to 24h incubations. Instant instrument recall lists are produced in the event of a spore failure. Reports are merged with the overall daily sterilization summaries for each sterilizer. Price is included in the SteriSimple System.

The complete reprocessing solution

Automated Cycle Logging

Packed with features, you can automatically record and display cycle logs for each sterilizer, verifying CI's and MI's with a few clicks. Autoclave tolerant labels are produced for placement before sterilization. Includes online access to SDS library, WHMIS label library, equipment manuals and recommended maintenance schedules. Instant access to your cleaning logs, maintenance logs, error logs and overall daily sterilization summaries. Price is included in the SteriSimple System.

The complete reprocessing solution

Automated Instrument Tracking

May integrate with your patient management software. Instant item logging and tracking for each patient. You can instantly pull up a patient sterilization history, with cycle logs. Install it as many times as required in one office. Price is included in the SteriSimple system.

TransLogger Wireless Universal Logger

Enables wireless connection of each sterilizer to the software. Compatible with every sterilizer in clinical use. Also records cycle logs to a micro SD as a redundancy. You simply cannot lose any data. $100 ea.

Handsfree Scanner

Pre-configured for immediate use. Place one scanner wherever you intend to scan sterilized item labels for patient use. $115 ea.