Manual Spore Test Recording Software

SteriSpore24 spore test software

STERISPORE24 spore test software is used to record spore tests using 12 or 24 hour spores.

Simply place your spore vial in an incubator and click to start the test.  The software does the rest.

You will be notified on screen when an incubation has elapsed and will be prompted to enter the result as PASS or FAIL.

Results are saved the moment you verify the results.

An instrument recall report is triggered if a spore vial fails.

Remarkably thorough while simple and straightforward to use.

Save Time

Consider the time spent recording during instrument reprocessing and use.  Cut that down to a few seconds using SteriSimple.

Reduce Overhead

You could save up to $1000 – $2000 or more per month in wages and supplies.  That’s almost the cost of one staff member per year!

Improve Morale

Your whole team will be happier knowing that they are invulnerable to the pitfalls of IPAC.  Sterilize without compromise.

Proven to save time and expense.  You will reduce stress and frustration.  You will enjoy the confidence of being thorough and accurate.  Eliminate the worry and, once again, concentrate on what you want to do.

Reprocessing. Simplified.