The Complete Sterilization Assurance System for Dental Practices

The complete reprocessing solution


Automatically document every step of instrument reprocessing, from spore testing, to cycle logging, to instrument tracking. This is the complete reprocessing solution.

The complete reprocessing solution


Wireless connection of sterilizers to computer, then let the software do the work. No data loggers are required. Reports are automatically produced, stored and backed-up.

The complete reprocessing solution


Install this system directly into your existing office network. Use it at each workstation and integrate it with your office management software.

The complete reprocessing solution


This system was created by a practicing dentist and is perfectly suited for the dental profession. Follow Best Practices with ease and confidence.

The Complete Sterilization Assurance System

The complete reprocessing solution

Spore Testing

Automated documentation of spore tests.
Simply click on your name when incubation has elapsed.

The complete reprocessing solution

Cycle Logging

Automated sterilizer cycle logging, including load contents and chemical indicators.
No loggers, SD cards, printers or USBs required.
Labels are produced instantly.

The complete reprocessing solution

Instrument Tracking

Record instrument use in seconds, with complete access to cycle data and history.
Eliminate manual data transfer into patient charts.

We offer online installation and configuration for your peace of mind.

SteriSimple has been a the single best investment I have made with my 8 dental practices. SteriSimple streamlined the entire sterilization process. We no longer have to print the parameters and no more having to inventory each item that goes through every sterilization cycle. The entire sterilization process is now simple! I spent a long time comparing SteriSimple to other similar softwares and found this one to be superior. Dr. Sean Corsini is dedicated to ensuring that SteriSimple runs smoothly in our offices. I would strongly recommend that everyone try SteriSimple for themselves so they can see how well this product works. Thank you Sean for developing SteriSimple, you made our jobs much easier.
Dr. David Meisels
Practicing Dentist
SteriSimple has streamlined sterilization in our office. It has reduced the time it takes to record all the required IPAC information and follows all IPAC guidelines. The program is very user friendly and the technical support we have received has been remarkable.
Office Manager
This system is easy to use for everyone. Even if you got stuck there are instructions for guiding you the correct way that are easily accessible. The paperless system is so efficient and effortlessly keeps record of everything. Sean was always helpful during the process and always just a text away. We can't adequately express how much we love this system. We highly recommend!
Dental Assistant
SteriSimple has been the most helpful and exciting development in 22 years of practice. It is so well made, developed to make all of the necessary functions and data retrieval extremely easy and user friendly. The updates to the package are frequent and always with improvements that amaze me with how much they improve an already excellent product. The developer has always quickly helped with any questions or problems I've had.
Dr. Cem Tuncbilek
Practicing Dentist
A user friendly program which can be integrated into your practice for sterilization and easily retrievable accurate records.
Dental Assistant
Implementing SteriSimple was one of the best things we have done. It has freed up so much of our time and made IPAC manageable for us. The cycle logs it records and organizes for us are perfect and it was so simple to start using. Any worry we may have had vanished within one week. This system is completely reliable, utterly thorough and Sean has thought of everything. He even checks up on us now and again to see if there are any problems. When we started to use this system, we had a few bumps but Sean was always right there for us whenever we had any question. I can't say how good this system has made things for us. Thank you!
Dental Assistant
Using the SteriSimple software has made instrument management, from a sterilization and documentation standpoint, very streamlined. The system satisfies stringent IPAC guidelines and reduces the workload of manual monitoring protocols that I had in place prior to implementation of the SteriSimple solution. Aside from the obvious benefits of streamlining instrument sterilization monitoring and documentation, the staff morale has improved from this easy to use system. Without a doubt, SteriSimple has simplified one aspect of instrument processing which is a huge benefit in a busy practice. Highly recommended.
Dr. Shardul Mehta
Practicing Dentist
After many frustrating months navigating and complying with IPAC requirements, our support staff was becoming overwhelmed with never ending logging and labeling. We were even considering hiring an additional employee to alleviate the agony of sterilization. We are so relieved we found SteriSimple! Since then, we've reduced the time and costs of logging manually exponentially. It is an asset to our business to have our staff out of sterilization and tending to their many other duties, and more importantly, back with our patients. It is so easy to use and we feel secure knowing the pertinent information is preserved in one easy to access area with only a few clicks. Not only do we love it, but we've received many regards from patients who have noticed the QR codes and appreciate our efforts in remaining current with best practices. Additionally, what a bonus to be working with a Canadian company!
Office Manager

Compatible with

Midmark M3, M9, M11 old and new

Statims old and new



Pelton & Crane



Tuttnauer old and new

 . . . and more on the way

Integrates with






Open Dental

 . . . and more on the way