Automated Sterilizer Cycle Logging and Label Production

Automated sterilizer cycle logging

STERIREADER automated sterilizer cycle logging and label production software is compatible with nearly all tabletop sterilizers used in private dental practice.

Wireless transmitters send data from your sterilizer into your computer where cycles are recorded automatically.

Recorded temperatures are compared against preset values to ensure sterilization.

Click the results of the CIs and click your name to to verify the results.

Labels are produced instantly and the contents of the load are recorded in a complete report.

Save Time

Consider the time spent recording during instrument reprocessing and use.  Cut that down to a few seconds using SteriSimple.

Reduce Overhead

You could save up to $1000 – $2000 or more per month in wages and supplies.  That’s almost the cost of one staff member per year!

Improve Morale

Your whole team will be happier knowing that they are invulnerable to the pitfalls of IPAC.  Sterilize without compromise.

Proven to save time and expense.  You will reduce stress and frustration.  You will enjoy the confidence of being thorough and accurate.  Eliminate the worry and, once again, concentrate on what you want to do.

Reprocessing. Simplified.