About Us

Dr. Sean Corsini is not only the inventor and lead programmer for STERISIMPLE, but he is also an active practitioner, having built a vibrant, thriving orthodontic practice in an area that nobody said would work.  His success required a ferocious tenacity, a single-minded focus and an ability to make it fun in the process.

You can be assured that Dr. Sean brings these same qualities to STERISIMPLE, the same way he does for his patients and clients each day.

Dr. Sean attended the University of Western Ontario where he studied a combined major in Physics and Medical Biophysics, finishing at the top of the class in both.  He also received his DDS at Western and went on to complete his MSc in Orthodontics at the University of Manitoba.  Dr. Sean has performed research in several interesting areas, such as dose related damage to normal tissues in therapeutic irradiation and fluid flow analysis in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.  His masters determined the distribution of forces at work in tooth retraction, modelled with infinitely flexible and infinitely right archwires then proven with experimentation.

Dr. Sean brings his clinical and technical expertise plus over 20 years of programming experience to STERISIMPLE in a unique way to provide a concrete, proven solution for the greater benefit of his colleagues.

STERISIMPLE helps more and more busy practices each day to change from there they are to where they want to be in a painless, easy way.