SteriSimple is the most comprehensive, cost effective and easy to use system, designed to achieve compliance while saving time and reducing expense.

Functionality QR coded complete labels, affixed prior to sterilization Yes
  Prompted reprocessing workflow Yes
  Automated wireless data collection from sterilizers


  Automated data collection from some incubators Yes
  Photo records of spores and Class 5 strips
  Compatible with nearly all tabletop autoclaves Yes
  Verification by staff where required by law Yes
  Equipment maintenance and environmental cleaning log
  Instant electronic reminders and alerts (email/text) Yes
Resources IPAC online manual with updates Yes
  WHMIS online manual with updates Yes
  Online WHMIS GHS Label Library
  Online SDS Library
  Training with CE Yes
  Literature for patients Yes
Support Built-in online help Yes
  Live help available Yes
  Training videos and literature Yes
COVID module option Patient temperature tracking (wireless thermometer) Yes
  Patient COVID consent tracking Yes
  Automated fallow time tracker Yes
  Staff screening Yes
  Automated daily reports Yes
  Integrates with office management software Yes 
Data storage Automated, detailed cycle logs and spore test results Yes
  Daily comprehensive sterilization performance summaries Yes
  Daily instrument usage report Yes
  Instant email/text at cycle/spore verification Yes
  Instant offsite backup Yes
Integration Integrates with office management software Yes
  Instant instrument recall with sterilization record Yes
  Instant patient instrument sterilization history Yes
  Instant cycle log recall for any instrument Yes
Operating costs $40/month subscription  
  Equivalent to one cup of coffee per day.
Savings Approximately $24k/year, see our IPAC calculator