Pre-Installation Checklist

Please ensure that you’ve read and completed this checklist prior to arranging the installation of SteriSimple on your office network.


Items to be completed prior to installation:


A. You have purchased the SteriSimple System and have signed and returned the End User License Agreement to admin@sterisimple.ca.

B.  You and your team have become introduced to the software by viewing the Video User Manuals (see the “User Manuals” section here).

C.  The following information for configuration has been provided to us (click here or email to info@sterisimple.ca):

a) spores: incubator type and spore duration,
b) sterilizers: brands/types, plus cycle types you run in your office,
c) staff list: those who would verify spore tests and sterilization cycles,
d) instrument list: up to 94 items you would sterilize in your office,
e) gmail account User ID and Password: (if applicable) for emailing spore test results and cycle logs,
f) patient list: first and last names plus patient ID number: (if applicable) for populating an instrument recall database.
g) if using gmail for offsite storage, you must configure it for use with less secure apps.  See how to here.

D.  You have forwarded the IT checklist to your IT provider and have ensured that they have checked off their duties.  You must ensure that they have done so.

E.  You have purchased a Zebra Thermal Transfer printer (not a “direct thermal” printer) and associated supplies (see here for the best prices).  Please DO NOT install the associated software and DO NOT connect it your your steri PC running SteriReader until directed to do so during the installation process.

F.  You have received your barcode scanner(s), plus one TransLogger for each sterilizer.  Please ensure that the TransLoggers are connected just prior to the installation process (see the “Installation and Configuration Guides” section here).  Connection is quite easy, but you can ask your tech to do so if you’d like.

G.  Please try to ensure that placement of the TransLoggers are not obscured by metal or other interferences.  Ensure they are seated in their cradles, which must be affixed in place with mounting tape.

H.  Someone will be available by phone and present during the installation process.  The process usually takes 60-90 minutes and your sterilizers cannot be in operation during this process.



Thank you for your cooperation in these regards.
It will ensure smooth operation of the software.