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We are so relieved we found SteriSimple!

After many frustrating months navigating and complying with IPAC requirements, our support staff was becoming overwhelmed with never ending logging and labeling. We were even considering hiring an additional employee to alleviate the agony of sterilization. We are so relieved we found SteriSimple! Since then, we've reduced the time and costs of logging manually exponentially. It is an asset to our business to have our staff out of sterilization and tending to their many other duties, and more importantly, back with our patients. It is so easy to use and we feel secure knowing the pertinent information is preserved in one easy to access area with only a few clicks. Not only do we love it, but we've received many regards from patients who have noticed the QR codes and appreciate our efforts in remaining current with best practices. Additionally, what a bonus to be working with a Canadian company!

Simple and easy to use

Mr. WHMIS Software is a simple and easy to use solution for WHMIS labeling. It has been a great addition to our office and we would highly reccomend it!!!!

Staff morale has improved

Using the SteriSimple software has made instrument management, from a sterilization and documentation standpoint, very streamlined. The system satisfies stringent IPAC guidelines and reduces the workload of manual monitoring protocols that I had in place prior to implementation of the SteriSimple solution. Aside from the obvious benefits of streamlining instrument sterilization monitoring and documentation, the staff morale has improved from this easy to use system. Without a doubt, SteriSimple has simplified one aspect of instrument processing which is a huge benefit in a busy practice. Highly recommended.

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