Transmitter-Receiver set

Use these to wirelessly transmit cycle data from your sterilizers directly into a computer to read and record cycle data. $50CDN per set.

Each transmitter has a micro SD card to record each cycle, as a back-up.

Order one transmitter-receiver set per sterilizer.

Please click the Compatibility tab to ensure your sterilizer is compatible.


Cables are available for the following sterilizers, for use with SteriReader:

  1. Statim 2000 (pre G4 version)
  2. Statim 5000 (pre G4 version)
  3. G4 Statim 2000
  4. G4 Statim 5000
  5. Midmark M3 old or new
  6. Midmark M9 old or new
  7. Midmark M11old or new
  8. New Midmarks (2020)
  9. Pelton & Crane XL
  10. Pelton & Crane Delta Q AE
  11. Pelton & Crane Delta Q AF
  12. Bravo 17V
  13. Bravo 21V
  14. Flight Clave18
  15. Flight Clave N
  16. Lexa MN-111
  17. Tuttnauer Elara 9 or 11
  18. Tuttnauer EZ9+ or EZ11+
  19. Tuttnauer EZ10k
  20. StatClave
  21. Miele PS 1201B