Cycle logging and label production software



This is part of a comprehensive yet simple approach to instrument reprocessing, included in the STERISIMPLE SYSTEM.

Dispense with the nuisance of USBs and SD cards. This software does it all for you!

Wireless data from sterilizer to computer.

Read and organize data from 10 different sterilizers at once.

Compatible with numerous brands of sterilizers.

Chemical indicators, mechanical indicators and number of items are verified with a mouse click.

It will automatically produce QR labels for each sterilized item in each load.

Detailed results for each sterilization cycle are saved individually. It will also produce an overall daily summary for each sterilizer, in a single report.

Merges all the daily sterilizer summaries the daily spore test from STERISPORE, saves and auto-prints at a time you specify each day. 

STERIREADER is compatible with the following sterilizers:

Old STATIM 2000 & 5000

G4 STATIM 2000 & 5000

Pelton & Crane XL & Delta Q

Midmark M3 – M11 old and new

Bravo 17V & 21V

Tuttnauer Elara 9 – 11

Tuttnauer EZ9 – EZ11 Plus

Tuttnauer EZ10k


Flight Claves

Lexa MN-111