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The complete reprocessing solution

Revolutionary Software for the Dental Profession

SteriSimple was created by dentists for the dental profession.  It is perfectly suited for dental practices.  We understand the work you do each day and the value you place on your time and resources.

SteriSimple is a system of integrated programs that provides a comprehensive approach to recording every single step of dental instrument reprocessing and tracking.

Simply connect your sterilizers directly to a computer and let the software do the work for you, including recording of contents and label production.  Track your instruments instantly with a handsfree barcode scanner.  Reduce your time for these tasks to seconds.

Save Time

Reduce your documentation time during instrument reprocessing from minutes to seconds seconds using SteriSimple.

save money

Reduce Overhead

You could save up to $1000 – $2000 or more per month in wages and supplies.  That’s almost the cost of one staff member per year!

Improve Morale

Your whole team will be happier knowing that they are invulnerable to the pitfalls of IPAC.  Sterilize without compromise.

Proven to save time and expense.  You will reduce stress and frustration.  You will enjoy the confidence of being thorough and accurate.  Eliminate the worry and, once again, concentrate on what you want to do.

Reprocessing. Simplified.