Special Offer for Clarus Founders


Sterilization Tracking System

Simplify your reprocessing workflow with SteriSimple, an integrated system that documents each step of instrument reprocessing.  This is the most comprehensive, easy to use and cost effective way to manage reprocessing documentation and workflow.

The complete reprocessing solution

Spore Testing

Automated documentation of spore tests. Simply click on your name when incubation has elapsed.

The complete reprocessing solution

Cycle Logging

Automated sterilizer cycle logging, including load contents and chemical indicators. Labels are produced instantly.

The complete reprocessing solution

Instrument Tracking

Record instrument use in seconds, with complete access to cycle data and history. Eliminate manual data transfer into patient charts.


Special offer for Clarus founders:


$999 – a savings of $800!

$100 per TransLogger (one per sterilizer)

$115 for handsfree scanners


SteriSimple has been the single best investment I have made with my 8 dental practices. SteriSimple streamlined the entire sterilization process. We no longer have to print the parameters and no more having to inventory each item that goes through every sterilization cycle. The entire sterilization process is now simple! I spent a long time comparing SteriSimple to other similar softwares and found this one to be superior. Dr. Sean Corsini is dedicated to ensuring that SteriSimple runs smoothly in our offices. I would strongly recommend that everyone try SteriSimple for themselves so they can see how well this product works. Thank you Sean for developing SteriSimple, you made our jobs much easier.
Dr. David Meisels

Gain peace of mind for you, your team and your patients with the protection you get from this system.  Contact Dr. Sean Corsini directly for more information.  Email info@sterisimple.ca or text 705-529-1723.